Planting into standing stubble and refuge planning

8 Golden Rules of dryland cotton


Planting into standing stubble and refuge planning

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Cotton is not the most vigorous seedling and early in the crop’s life it is a poor competitor. Planting into standing stubble has advantages for the dryland cotton system through:

  • Better environment for establishment.
  • An extended planting opportunity.
  • Improved efficiency of rainfall capture.
  • Providing a home for beneficial insects.
  • Reduced sandblasting.

Refuge planning is also a critical part of the resistance management plan.

  • A refuge is a block or strip of crop without the Bt gene. The purpose of the refuge area is to assist in preventing pests from developing resistance to the technology.
  • As part of an Australian cotton industry resistance management plan you are required to plant a refuge area, which will vary depending on the amount of cotton and the technology grown ie. Bollgard II® or Bollgard® 3 and the species of the refuge area grown.
  • Information on the purpose of and the types and requirements for your refuge crop can be found by visiting the Bollgard 3 website. You can also calculate your refuge requirements using the Bollgard 3 refuge calculator.