Plan and prepare in advance

8 Golden Rules of dryland cotton


Plan and prepare in advance


Service all machinery and have it ready to go.

Have consultants and contractors (e.g. picking, spraying, farming, etc.) organised well in advance of needing them on the farm.

  • Some operations in the cotton system, such as planting, are time sensitive so you may only get one opportunity in the desired window.
  • A good cotton consultant will assist you with the management of your cotton crop. Their knowledge will assist crop management to ensure the crop is managed without stresses throughout the season.
  • Cotton consultants can help with forecasting crop requirements, variety selection, planting, fertiliser requirements and application, irrigation timing, insect and weeds scouting and control and crop defoliation.
  • Even the most experienced cotton growers utilise the services of cotton consultants. We would not recommend growing cotton without the support of a consultant. A list of cotton consultants can be found at Crop Consultants Australia.
  • Boom spray hygiene is critical prior to spraying cotton. Cotton is particularly sensitive to phenoxy herbicides so it's important to follow effective clean down procedures.

Inform neighbours of your cotton growing plans this season to alert them of the damage that can be caused to cotton crops from Phenoxy herbicide (also known as 2, 4-D and MCPA) drift.

For more information visit myBMP and Cotton Map.