Cotton Stories

  • Steve Edith Springs Station.JPG

    Modern Cotton: Steve - Edith Springs Station

    23 Jun 2020 Video created by NT Farmers Association. Approximately 1000 hectares of cotton is currently growing well in trial sites across the Northern Territory on five properties in Douglas Daly, Katherine and at Tipperary. Within a decade the industry could be worth at least $200 million and directly employ over 250 workers.
  • Chris and Amanda Bindaroo PAstures.JPG

    Modern Cotton: Chris & Amanda - Bindaroo Pastures

    21 Jun 2020 Video created by NT Farmers Association. In 2019, over 4,500 bales of cotton were harvested by five growers at successful trial sites across the NT and Kimberly regions. Forecasts suggest that up to 400,000 bales of cotton could be produced in the NT within the next decade, presenting huge opportunity for regional development and investment, and jobs growth in our region.
  • David Tipperary Station.JPG

    Modern Cotton: David - Tipperary Station

    21 Jun 2020 Video created by NT Farmers Association. Water efficiency and conservation is a priority for every Australian farmer. Around 80% of a future NT cotton industry is estimated to be rain-fed farming systems, also known as dryland farming. Thanks to better genetics and improved agronomy, modern Australian cotton growers now use 40 per cent less water to produce one tonne of cotton lint than 10-15 years ago.
  • JohN Thompson

    Delungra growers are taking cotton to new heights

    18 Nov 2019 Hear from new grower, John Thompson, from Delungra who first planting cotton in 2016/17 – one of the most elevated cotton crop in Australia, planted at 650 metres above sea level.
  • Ellison Maxwell

    Cotton a profitable option on Maryborough cane farm

    21 Oct 2019 A decision to plant cotton as an alternative crop to sugarcane has paid off for Ellison Maxwell, on his farm just south of Maryborough on Queensland’s Fraser Coast.
  • Dennis Rush

    Returns from cotton provide benefits in the drought for Texas grower

    12 Sep 2019 Returns from cotton provide benefits in the drought for Texas grower, Dennis Rush.
  • Grant L

    Cotton aiding weed control on Bellata country

    6 Nov 2018 In our latest Acres of Opportunity video, Bellata grower Grant Lowien shares how the introduction of cotton as a dryland summer crop option has enabled him to control problem weeds like Johnson's grass; along with the added benefit of not having to pupae bust with the Bollgard (R) 3 technology.
  • Brett C

    Weed control and profitability pushing cotton into new areas

    23 Oct 2018 Delta-Ag agronomist Brett Cumberland talks about why summer crop growers in the Geurie district southwest of Dubbo in New South Wales are turning to cotton and how their first season is looking.
  • James F

    Research the key to successful cotton at Dunedoo

    9 Oct 2018 James Frampton of 'Talbragar Park' at Dunedoo in central western New South Wales says the switch to cotton was made because of the good prices on offer but also to get on top of grass weeds from many years of growing sorghum.
  • Lachlan D

    Cotton now a viable option on Deniliquin property

    25 Sep 2018 Deniliquin grower Lachlan Danckert talks about how the improvements in cotton technology, particularly insect resistance and weed control, helped him decide to grow cotton for the first time last season. Lachlan says prices on offer for cotton and the ability to forward-sell have also been a major driver in switching to the crop.
  • Ben M

    Better utilisation of moisture with cotton on Boomi property

    11 Sep 2018 Cotton has become a major summer crop in recent years on the Moloney family’s property at Boomi north of Moree in northern NSW. Ben Moloney discusses the benefits of cotton compared to sorghum and how he uses cotton as a broad-leaf break for grass weed control.
  • Chris M

    Cotton and rice working together for Griffith enterprise

    28 Aug 2018 The success of cotton last season for traditional rice grower Chris Morshead who farms near Griffith in Southern NSW has meant it will become a major part of his enterprise in the future - in part due to the industry support he received, the economics of cotton and its options for weed control.
  • Brett Yeo

    Positive step into cotton for Dunedoo grower

    14 Aug 2018 It was a combination of good economics and weed control options that enticed Dunedoo grower, Brett Yeo to try cotton for the first time last season.
  • Warrick SS

    Successful first try at dryland cotton for Emerald grower

    26 Jul 2018 A first try at dryland cotton has proved successful for Central Queensland grower, Warrick Stent-Smith, north-east of Emerald. Compared to the price of sorghum at the time, cotton was a far more profitable option, with added weed control benefits and strong industry support.
  • GregS

    Cotton rejuvenating southern NSW towns

    11 Jul 2018 The increase in cotton hectares in the Deniliquin region of southern NSW is helping rejuvenate the area, says cotton grower Greg Sandford, who first grew the crop in 2017-18.
  • DeanA

    Forward-selling adding certainty to growing cotton

    26 Jun 2018 In this video, Dean Andrighetto of Yenda Producers talks about one of the drivers for growers in southern NSW to switch to cotton as a viable summer crop - the ability to forward-sell throughout the season.
  • Robert S

    Improved varieties helping make cotton viable at Forbes

    13 Jun 2018 New cotton grower Robert Scott talks about improvements in varieties and technology, which have made cotton a viable option on his farm south-west of Forbes in Central West New South Wales.
  • Toscan

    2017 Monsanto Grower of the Year - Toscan's

    1 Feb 2018 "Once you start, you won't stop... you get a bit of an itch to grow it." Listen to 2017 Monsanto Cotton Grower of Year, Matt and James Toscan about their journey with growing cotton at Darlington Point, NSW.
  • _MG_9323.JPG

    New grower, Geoff Kirkby, says cotton has been “an awesome experience”

    2 Feb 2016 Geoff talks about his first time cotton growing experience and how the industry is right behind you from the start.