Dryland Cotton Guide

    Dryland Cotton Contractors Cotton Research This booklet is an introductory guide for those who are new to growing dryland cotton or are interested in discovering more about cotton production.
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    Irrigated Cotton Guide

    Irrigated Cotton Contractors Cotton Research This booklet is an introductory guide for those who are new to growing irrigated cotton or are interested in discovering more about cotton production.


    Dryland Dryland Cotton Cotton Research Find out more about the 8 Golden Rules of dryland cotton and set yourself up for success


    Irrigated Irrigated Cotton Cotton Research Find out more about the 10 Point Plan for irrigated cotton and set yourself up for success
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    Cotton Choices

    Technology Cotton Choices™ gives Bollgard® 3, Bollgard II® and Roundup Ready Flex® cotton growers flexibility to choose the best payment option for their technology fees to suit the financial and production risks of their farm.
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    Bollgard 3 Refuge Calculator

    Dryland Irrigated If you’re growing Monsanto's Bollgard II® and/or Bollgard® 3 crops you will need to comply with Resistance Management Plans, including growing an effective refuge and area. For further information, visit
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    Dryland Cotton Irrigated Cotton Cotton Contractors Spray Application Technology SataCrop is a digital platform that maps all crops, not just cotton, allowing growers and applicators of all products to be better informed before spraying. The new technology requires growers to only map their fields once and has the ability to import field boundaries from compatible software such as PCT, SST, Farmworks, John Deere and Agworld.
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    Gross Margins Calculator

    Dryland Irrigated Gross Margins Compare cotton and sorghum gross margins for your farm to see why dryland cotton makes business sense. Use the calculator to select your area and to compare expected gross margins and break even yields of dryland and irrigated cotton with other crops.
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    Australian cotton industry gross margin budgets 2018-19

    Irrigated Dryland Gross Margins A suite of Australian cotton industry gross margin budgets are available for the 2018-19 season brought to you by the cotton industry’s joint extension program, CottonInfo.

    Cotton Planting Rate Calculator

    Dryland Irrigated CSD's Planting Rate Calculator enables you to determine the ideal seeding rate by field. The simple online tool allows you to select your variety and desired plant stand; enter a rank relating to field condition, seedling disease, field disease level and soil insects to determine the ideal seed rate.

    CSD Variety Performance Comparison Tool

    Dryland Irrigated Variety Cotton Seed Distributors' (CSD) Variety Performance Comparison Tool provides you with the ability to compare varieties ideally suited to your local area. CSD operate a broad geographical trial program each season to rigorously test new varieties to ensure they meet the yield and agronomic needs of growers.
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    FastStart Cotton Program

    Dryland Cotton Irrigated Cotton Industry Cotton Contractors FastStart is a collaboration between Syngenta and Cotton Seed Distributors that combines world leading cotton genetics, chemistry and technologies, resulting in strong, healthy establishment and robust growth in the early stages of a crop’s life up until flowering.
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    Green Light Calculator for Planting

    Dryland Cotton Irrigated Cotton Ensure conditions are suitable for planting by using CSD's Traffic Light tool to calculate if your soil temperature and the forecast conditions are conducive to crop establishment.
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    Cotton Research CottASSIST is a group of web tools designed to deliver the latest cotton research, integrate up-to-date information and assist with cotton management decisions. These web tools are mainly for use by growers and consultants within the cotton industry although they can be used by anyone interested in cotton production.
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    Cotton Australia

    Industry Cotton Australia is the peak body for Australia’s cotton producers, supporting more than 1200 cotton farming families in NSW, Queensland and Victoria.
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    Dryland Irrigated CottonInfo is the Australian cotton industry’s joint extension program. CottonInfo is designed to connect growers with research, bringing you – our cotton growers, consultants, and agronomists – the latest news, information, events and research, and helping you achieve best practice.
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    Dryland Irrigated Stewardship myBMP demonstrates to the community the Australian cotton industry’s improved farming practices and careful management of our natural resources. Get the latest scientific knowledge, resources and personal support to meet best practice standards along the entire cotton value chain.
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    Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC)

    Cotton Research The CRDC invests in research, development and extension on behalf of Australia’s cotton growers and the Australian Government for a more profitable, competitive and sustainable cotton industry.
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    Crop Consultants Australia (CCA)

    Dryland Irrigated The CCA is primarily an association for those that provide agronomic advice to cotton, grains, pulse and oilseed producers in Australia. CCA’s core activities focus on providing a forum for information exchange and technical training for agronomists and those with an interest in agronomy to increase the level of professionalism of members.
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    Australian Cotton Shippers Association

    Marketing Taking Australian cotton to the world - That's the role of the Australian Cotton Shippers Association. With outstanding fibre quality characteristics and an enviable eco-record via the industry's voluntary and fully audited "Best Management Practices", it's not a difficult message to sell. The challenge is to generate consistent premiums for supply chains to maintain the economic and social viability of our industry in Australia.
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    Dryland Irrigated Spray Application Technology SprayWise Decisions from Nufarm allows you to review weather conditions for the last 14 days or predict forthcoming weather up to 14 days in advance. It has the unique ability to generate property specific meteograms for the nearest 1 sq km grid cell anywhere in Australia.
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    Cotton Compass

    Marketing Cotton Compass is a weekly market wire specifically tailored for the Australian cotton industry and its markets in Asia, providing real time information relevant to your business.
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    Tropical Cotton Production: Considerations for Northern Cotton Growers

    Growing cotton in the North Northern Cotton Northern Australia has enormous potential as a cotton production region. Here are some of the main considerations when growing cotton in a tropical environment.


    Dryland Cotton Irrigated Cotton Northern Cotton Growing cotton in the North Stewardship Your guide to growing cotton in Northern Australia
  • Northern Newsletter Pre-season

    Northern Newsletter Pre-Season

    Growing cotton in the North Northern Cotton First issue of the Northern Newsletter, brought to you by Acres of Opportunity, a collaboration between Cotton Seed Distributors and Bayer Crop Science. Throughout the cotton season, we’ll be delivering regular snapshots of timely and practical information relevant to cotton growers across Northern Australia, with details on where to find more information. We will also be featuring commentary and testimonials from current growers and industry in Northern Australia.